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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

It Still Lives Here

There's a lot I could say right now about where I've been for the past four years. Things about "being busy" or "being depressed" or "being uninspired"... and I'm sure I will one day. Get to that stuff. But for now, for today, I'm just going to write and be happy that I am.

The very first post I wrote was at the end of October 2006 when our daughter was two and her personality emerged. "It Lives Here" was the title. My introduction of our little comedian to the big world of blogging. Well, she still lives here. She's still as funny as ever, but now we have a twist. It's called puberty. That whole stage in life where the cute "It" may turn into the psychotic "It".

A new beginning. A new journey. For her. For me. For her dad.

And I'm back to continue to tell the tale.

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