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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Random Whatevers

I may be admitting to a certain amount of laziness at this moment because instead of starting a new blog for every topic I want to cover, I am doing just one.

Lazy... I know.

The Negative Project

I learned not too long ago that Fred Meyer will take your negatives and convert them to digital files for (what I think) is a very reasonable price- 100 negatives for $15.90.

Since I have a huge shoebox full of envelopes with negatives in them, I thought... hey, I can do that!


I've been going through negatives, with the help of a light box and lumiloupe, every night. When I first started, I really thought that I probably only had a few hundred. I'm thinking now that I have a few THOUSAND.

$15.90 no longer looks so reasonable. LOL! But, I think if I do a hundred or so a paycheck, I'll eventually have them all done. But for now, it's fun to look at old pictures and watch Short Person hunch over the lumiloupe to view them. She looks very professional. lol

The Onion

The other night, LJS and I had fish tacos for dinner. They weren't as good as either of us had hoped (not enough flavor). To try to compensate for that, LJS piled his with a heap of onions.

You can imagine his breath.

As you know, we have some trouble getting Short Person to sleep in her own bed. She's too scared, or so she says. *Light Bulb*

Short Person hops into our bed, ready to snuggle down for the night, and daddy asks, "Hey, does my breath stink?"

Short Person leans over and breaths in. "Daddy, your breath is steeen-ky!"

One second passes and LJS and I both chuckle. Two seconds. Short Person looks at me and in a dire voice says, "Mommy? Can I sleep with you?", while simultaneously trying to get as far away from LJS as humanly possible.

I laughed and laughed and laughed. LJS laughed and laughed and laughed.

The thing that was so funny is that Short Person was not laughing. AT ALL. She was completely serious. She wanted OUT OF THAT BED!

Man, it was great fun. But I didn't blame her. No way was I sleeping with him either. Pee-EW!

Naughty Girl Party

So, I'm having a naughty girl party. I've invited a bunch of people over to come eat chocolate and look at naughty things and giggle. Good fun!

I've been looking for a way to get to know the girl who works at the coffee place I go too better. She is a little younger than I am and has two kids, a girl a little older than Short Person and a boy.

I've been frequenting the same coffee stand for... wow... about six or seven years now. I've known her through diabetic diagnosis, pregnancy, and four years of parenting. She's always bubbly and sweet and I just adore her.

But I'm wondering what she thought when I drove up, ordered coffee, and then said... "I've been looking for a way to get to know you better. Wanna come over Sunday for a Slumber Party?"

LOL... I had to do some fast explaining!

But alas, it is her son's birthday party. So maybe another day :)

That about wraps it up for now. I swear I had more, but now... clueless what it was :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Awhile back, my sister asked me to teach her the song "Skin". Feels weird to be the one typing this down because the song originated with Grandpa, went to Mom, and then to all of us kids, but here goes.

Incidentally, the story of this song is that Grandpa learned it while sharing a hotel room with three or four other WWII vets (I may have that wrong. It may have been Korean War.) One of the guys in the hotel room was either writing it or putting music to it. Grandpa took it home and it has been a favorite for many, many years.

Maybe some day I'll get up the guts to sing it on camera and post it. Or, I'll have to find that taped version of my mom singing it. It is buried somewhere on tape, along with the banned song "Band-aid Blues". I need to find that tape so that she can put it on CD. My tape is going to burn out one day!


You've gotta have skin
Yards and yards and yards of skin
Skin's the thing that when you've got it outside
It helps hold your insides in.

It covers your nose
And it's wrapped around your toes
And inside it you put lemon meringue
And outside you hang your clothes.

Skin is what you feel at home in
And without it furthermore
Both your liver and abdomen
Would be falling on the floor
And you'd be dressed in your intestines.

A Siamese twin
Has an extra set of skin
And when the doctor knows that you're feeling sick
Where does he stick his needle in?
In the end of your skin.

All your friends and all your kinfolk
Whether poor or whether rich
They have all got skin for skin folk
It's convenient when you itch
Nothing can match it when you scratch it

It fits perfectly
Yours fits you and mine fits me
When you sit, well it folds and looks grand
And then when you stand it's where it's been
Ain't you glad you've got skin.

When you were just a little baby well your skin fit fine
Still it's going to fit you when you're six foot nine
So whether you're big tall short small chubby or thin
Ain't ya glad you've got it
Madly glad you've got it
Ain't you glad you've got skin

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Proud Parent Moment

Short Person and I have had a busy night. First, it was dinner, then it was candles, and then thank you notes.

Dinner was the usual, nothing spectacular there, but the candles were fun. We had a large Partylite order arrive today and had to unpack the boxes to sort the candles and put them into packages for the people that ordered them. She helped dig them out, put the appropriate boxes into bags, and then put in the packing slip. About the only thing I did was read her the labels.

I'm proud of her for helping and sharing in my excitement. We smelled every candle and shared the really good scents with Daddy. We put together the candle holders I ordered and put away the candles. It was fun.

But what I'm really proud of are her thank you notes for her birthday gifts. Not only did she sign her name (initials really, she's working on the rest), but she also dictated every note. Since a few of you that read this are receiving one, I am choosing to only put a few of the others on here.

The note to G-Ma says, "Thank you G-ma. I love you so much. I want to see you again."

The note to Cathy, Ariel, and all says, "Thank you guys. I love you all and I like you. You're nice."

And the note to Dec and all says, "Thank you guys. I like the Candyland. I play with it all the time. Thank you. I love you. I miss you, but thank you."

I'm just really proud of her. *sniff*